Acetate Dubplates ServiceにてRC-DJ100が導入 2024年2月6日



“Acetate Dubplates Service”にてRC-DJ100が導入されました。

導入をサポートしていただいた100SOUNDS Spain、ありがとうございました。







– Acetate Dubplates Service


RC-DJ100 is being installed at “Acetate Dubplates Service”, an independent Spanish cutting studio established in 2021.

We’d like to say thanks to 100SOUNDS Spain for supporting us.


“As the majority of my clients are involved in dj activity,I decided to take a dj version for an accurate Dubplate playback,
there is also an HI-FI version.
The first impression is a clear and deep sound with very high output level compared with others commercial brands,
it’s a spherical type and probably suitable also for scratch.
I really would like to suggest to all my dj friends to get a pair,price is affordable for the quality that you get.”
– Acetate Dubplates Service



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